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Australia’s Everlasting Shame

Breaking news in the ongoing drama surrounding the former Australian-run Immigration Processing Centre on Manus Island, Papua New Guinea – the abandonment of the asylum seekers and refugees by the Commonwealth of Australia is simply appalling and will be to Australia’s everlasting shame. #bringthemhere PNG troops storm Manus Island to ‘force out’ refugees Papua New […]

General Audience Catechesis – 22 November

Continuing the presentation of the catechesis from Pope Francis from his weekly General Audience, currently speaking on matters liturgical… Dear Brothers and Sisters, good morning! Continuing with the catecheses on the Mass, we can ask ourselves: What is the Mass essentially? The Mass is the memorial of Christ’s Paschal Mystery. It makes us participants in His […]

The Perversion of Patriotism

Slowly catching up on some reading, and came across the article below from the Editors of America. It’s well worthy reading if only for its last paragraph: Patriotism is gratitude for and pride in the gifts of one’s nation, not an assertion of a nation’s indefectibility or destined greatness. That, in fact, is idolatry. The Editors: […]

Challenging the Status Quo of Privilege

A very powerful contribution in Eureka Street from Kate Galloway asking a question that seems to be ignored the whole citizenship debacle plaguing the Australian parliament: the real intention of the exclusion of ‘foreigners’ envisaged by the framers of Australia’s Constitution was to target who? Galloway argues, cogently I believe, that the whole drama that has […]

A Reminder of the Power of Music

From time to time I come across a recording of a song, hymn or other piece of music, that reminds me just how powerful good music can be. Good music – and that is a definition that is as much personal appreciation as ‘scientific’ assessment – has the ability, the power, to reach inside one’s […]

The Pacific’s Bully?

Not being satisfied with bullying asylum seekers and genuine refugees, the Australian government, in the person of the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, likes to throw Australia’s weight around with other sovereign nations as well, i.e. Papua New Guinea, and New Zealand, when said sovereign nations simply choose to not follow Australia’s hard line […]

Review: Corpse Candle

Corpse Candle by Paul Doherty My rating: 4 of 5 stars Oh what a tangled web can be woven by human nature! In this edition of the ongoing Hugh Corbett Mysteries, our hero is confronted by that tangled web, and the consequences that can stretch into the future and across generations. Tasked by King Edward […]

Review: The Treason of the Ghosts

The Treason of the Ghosts by Paul Doherty My rating: 4 of 5 stars Another masterful medieval mystery from the pen of Paul Doherty and featuring our by now well-known clerkly sleuth, Hugh Corbett, and his small coterie of assistants. Sent this time to a small country town where there has been a historical series […]

Recognising the Reality of People

Another look at the ongoing denunciation of Pope Francis by a vocal minority of conservative Catholic bishops, priests and pundits, particularly in light of the open letter from the former head of the US BIshops Conference Doctrine Commission. John Gehring writes Fr Weinandy and other self-styled guardians of orthodoxy remind me of the righteous Pharisees of […]

General Audience Catechesis – 15 November

We continue the presentation of the weekly catechesis from Pope Francis’ General Audience on matters liturgical… Dear Brothers and Sisters, good morning! We continue with the catecheses on the Holy Mass. To understand the beauty of the Eucharistic Celebration, I want to begin with a very simple aspect: the Mass is prayer, rather, it’s the […]

The Votes…Oops, Survey Results Are In

In what was perhaps the biggest non-surprise of the year, today’s announcement of the results of the Australian Marriage Law Survey have revealed what most people – and most opinion polls – already knew. The overwhelmingly majority of Australians are in favour of Australia’s Marriage Act 1961 (Cth) being amended to permit persons of the same […]

Protecting More Than Freedom of Religion

As he so often does, Frank Brennan SJ captures the essence of the question of protecting freedom of religion that has so often come up in the context of the now concluded Marriage Law Postal Survey. Yes, there needs to be protection for freedom of religion, but that also applies to a whole range of […]