Reaching for Rome

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Another very good article from Massimo Faggioli on the continuing phenomenon of the splits both within the Catholic Church in the United States, and between some American Catholics – of the neotraditionalist persuasion – and Rome (by which is meant the Roman Pontiff, his Curia, and so on). Written with a firm understanding of history […]

Review: Labyrinth A-Ω

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Labyrinth A-Ω: An introduction to the how, what, and why of labyrinths and labyrinth walking by Clive Johnson My rating: 3 of 5 stars An interesting introduction to the history, reality and practice of labyrinths and labyrinth walking. I have been attracted to the spiritual dimension of labyrinths since the concept was first placed in […]

Review: The Lopez Affair

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The Lopez Affair by Ann Swinfen My rating: 4 of 5 stars Another volume in the ongoing tales of Dr Christoval Alvarez, physician of St Thomas’ Hospital, and sometimes coworker of the (by now) late Sir Francis Walsingham. This section of Kit’s tale follows the unfortunate development that surrounds the husband of one of her […]

The Doohan Discourse Mailing List

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Would you like to receive an email every time new material is posted to The Doohan Discourse? Now you can via our MailChimp mailing list. You can sign up below, or by clicking on the button in the sidebar or footer of the main page. Subscribe to our mailing list * indicates required Email Address * First […]

The New Clericalism

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Much has been much in recent times within the Church about the scourge of clericalism. And much of what has been written on that subject is entirely valid and represents something to be expunged from the life of the Church for the sake of the Church moving forward. Unfortunately, sometimes the charge of ‘clericalism’ is […]

The Inevitability of Liturgical Reform

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Something interesting in a post on the PrayTellBlog today as part of its ongoing series of quotes from Pope Paul VI in preparation for his upcoming canonization. Paul VI, asked by his philosopher friend Jean Guitton why he would not concede the 1962 missal to Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre and his followers who rejected the liturgical reform: […]

Ireland Pilgrimage 2018 – The Eighth Day

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Today’s journeying started at a leisurely pace containing one expected thing (i.e. it was on our itinerary), one not so expected thing (i.e. it wasn’t on our itinerary), and one event that fell into both categories. When combined together this was a day that truly wonderful and inspirational – and enjoyable to boot! Leaving our hotel […]

The Deer’s Cry

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During our pilgrimage in Ireland today, we visited the Rock of Cashel, a place that has a legendary connection to St Patrick. Supposedly but erroneously attributed to St Patrick is the poem The Deer’s Cry, which is beautifully set to music by Shaun Davey. I first came across this many years ago on an album entitled The […]

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