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One Tree Hill, Cornwall Park


On the drive from the airport on Sunday afternoon I noticed a hill that had what I thought was a column at the very top, clearly visible from just about everywhere that has a direct line of sight to the top of that hill. I subsequently discovered that this ‘column’ is, in fact, a memorial […]

Planning, Box-Ticking, and Meetings


While functional stupidity is a key resource for an organisation, it can also do conspicuous harm. It can lead to meaningless and non-productive work being undertaken: writing plans, ticking boxes, endless meetings take over. Often there is a stark clash between the official version of events and the lived realities. For individuals, functional stupidity turns […]

Image or Education?


Today, many schools have fallen victim to image obsession. In the past, teachers had relatively high levels of autonomy. They concentrated their energies on educating students. But as a result of constant educational reforms, schools are now more and more focused on various auditing exercises. In the UK, the event that most head teachers worry […]

So Much Writing


Today, we seem to face a situation in scholarly publication where, to parody the words of Winston Churchill: Never before in human history have so many had so little to say to so few. Mats Alvesson & André Spicer, The Stupidity Paradox: The Power and Pitfalls of Functional Stupidity at Work (London: Profile Books, 2016), Loc […]

Review: The Bishop’s Tale


The Bishop’s Tale by Margaret Frazer My rating: 4 of 5 stars Another good yarn from Margaret Frazer that this times see Dame Frevisse, and her companion, outside the walls of her Benedictine house to attend a family funeral, and all that comes with it. It is there that Frevisse gets drawn into the kind […]

Review: The Outlaw’s Tale


The Outlaw’s Tale by Margaret Frazer My rating: 4 of 5 stars I was beginning to worry towards the mid point of this novel that there wasn’t going to be a murder, and therefore a mystery for Dame Frevisse to solve. But never fear, Margaret Frazer delivered – almost as on cue – and the […]

The Aberration of Tribalism


[The] new tribalism is an aberrant form of reception of the fact that the boundaries of the church have become more porous. For this tribal and sectarian mentality, the redefinition of boundaries means not a more welcoming church, a church whose doors are always open to let people in, but a church whose doors are […]

Faith Not Ideology


Hierarchical Catholicism in the United States does not always seem comfortable with Gaudium et Spes because it is a document that is not about power and authority but about salvation and liberation. The assonance between Gaudium et Spes and Pope Francis is not accidental. There is surely a problem of conflating faith with conservative ideology, but it […]