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Assembly As Basic Symbol

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According to the classic description of this basic symbol, then, this meeting is not – or ought not be – a crowd, a cheering section, a gathering to hear a lecture or a sales pitch, an audience. It is not a collection of consumers come to an expert, a gathering of the uninvolved come to […]

Transforming The World

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The Prayers of the Faithful represent a vision of the Christian in the world that should not be forgotten by the Mass-goer. We don’t leave behind our material and historical realities when we got to Mass. We don’t got to Mass to escape from the sorrows of the word, as if Church is a safe […]

The Unfolding Yet Hidden Glory of God

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The first two lines of theĀ Gloria are in fact essential to understanding what takes place at Mass. In this small parish church, where the lives of men and women unfold over the years, the Word still becomes flesh. God’s glory appears in the reading of Scripture, in the body of Christ assembled, in the priest’s […]

Going To Mass

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Going to Mass is not fundamentally about my unique spiritual experience, but about giving over part of myself in love to all other believers so that together we can manifest Christ’s love for the world. Even if I’m distracted by work, dealing with a sick toddler, or more interested in watching a football game later […]

Allowing Boredom In

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Our fear of boredom is in fact most perilous to fruitful participation in the Mass. It often seems that what we desire most in the celebration of the Mass is an occasion to be entertained. We want a homilist who can make jokes and tell engaging stories about his life. We want music that is […]

Review: Revelation

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Revelation by C.J. Sansom My rating: 4 of 5 stars Another classic mystery thriller from the pen of CJ Sansom sees his hero, Matthew Shardlake, lawyer and one time radical believer in Christian reform, thrown into the midst of a series of brutal, nay horrific, murders that seem to draw ‘inspiration’ from the Book of […]

Continually Gathered and Scattered

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For those who have a sense of the liturgy, the use of the terms ‘gathered’ and ‘scattered’ in connection with the Church should have immediate resonance. This is because, at the very heart of what the Church celebrates each and every Sunday, is the gathering and scattering of the community of the People of God, […]

Not Traditional? I Don’t Think So!

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One of the most misunderstood and misused words found in the language and rhetoric of the contemporary Catholic Church is the word ‘traditional’. It is a word that, when used in the wrong context, often drives me to distraction, mostly because of the judgement often implied in its use. I say that because I consider […]

Review: Sovereign

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Sovereign by C.J. Sansom My rating: 4 of 5 stars This is the third book in the Matthew Shardlake series of novels and is set chronologically during the Great Progress of King Henry VIII north towards York. Faced with the usual conspiracies that beset Tudor England under Henry’s reign, Shardlake finds himself attached to the […]