Review: Cultural Adaptation of the Liturgy

Cultural Adaptation of the LiturgyCultural Adaptation of the Liturgy by Anscar J. Chupungco
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Anscar Chupungco is one of my academic heroes, and one of the great liturgical minds in contemporary liturgical theology. Much of his work has dwelt of the rather vexed issue of cultural adaptation – also known as acculturation or inculturation – and this book covers much of his thought of the need for this to continue in order for the Christian faith to continue to be spread across the world, into different cultures, and, indeed, into different times.

Starting with a historical survey of the way in which the liturgy of the Church has been adapted to different cultures and times, Chupungco goes on to explore the significance and importance of doing so in the post Vatican II period, particularly in the face of a tendency to insist on uniformity of liturgical forms rather than unity of faith expressed in a diverse range of liturgical forms.

I would recommend this book – and indeed any of the work of Anscar Chupungco – to any serious student of the liturgy of the Church.

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