Review: Surprised by Hope

Surprised by HopeSurprised by Hope by Tom Wright
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Do we really know what we mean when we speak of the Resurrection? Tom Wright would argue that the answer to that question is a resounding no, and that the real meaning of the Resurrection has, over the years, been lost amidst the onslaught of various philosophies and belief systems that are, in the end, foreign to the Christian understanding of death and what happens next.

This book represents an attempt on Wright’s behalf to redress that trend, and to recapture an understanding of Resurrection that is faithful to the origins of Christianity. It is a masterful and erudite work, drawing on a mix of Scripture and Church teachings – mixed with a goodly amount of Wright’s own wit and story telling ability – that provides the reader with much to think about what they believe when they speak of life after death.

An almost ‘must read’ for any Christian…

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