Protecting More Than Freedom of Religion

As he so often does, Frank Brennan SJ captures the essence of the question of protecting freedom of religion that has so often come up in the context of the now concluded Marriage Law Postal Survey.

Yes, there needs to be protection for freedom of religion, but that also applies to a whole range of personal rights and freedoms that do not currently have protection at a Federal level in Australian legislation.

Perhaps it is time for human rights – including the freedom of religion – is enshrined in Federal level human rights legislation.

Same sex marriage and freedom of religion

Wednesday will be a day of celebration for those wanting a ‘Yes’ vote. It should also be a day when we Australians recommit ourselves to respect for all citizens, especially those whose beliefs differ from our own. Our politicians led us into this divisive campaign. Now they need to lead us out of it.

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Article by Andrew Doohan

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