Homilies: Festal Evensong for the Feast of Christ the King

Tonight, Sacred Heart Cathedral, Hamilton, hosted the community of the Anglican Cathedral – Christchurch Cathedral, Newcastle – to help mark their Feast of Title with the celebration of Festal Evensong.

This act of ecumenical hospitality was necessitated because of the running of motor race in the inner city of Newcastle, which made the celebration of their Feast of Title more difficult than necessary.

It was a pleasure to welcome Dean Katherine, the Christchurch Cathedral Choir, and the community of Christchurch Cathedral to our home, and to celebrate with them this important occasion.

It was my privilege to deliver this Address for the occasion, with the readings being from 1 Samuel 16:2-13 and Matthew 21:1-11.

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Article by Andrew Doohan

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  1. Louise Gannon 29 November, 2017 Reply

    So Catherine does that mean I was in the presence of wonder because I was there? A dimension of my presence I hadn’t considered! You always push to the next level!!!

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