Avoiding Neo-Constantinianism

Another insightful article from Massimo Faggioli from La Croix International analysing the way in which the role of papacy today, as embodied by Pope Francis, in taking a view of the world and geopolitics that might be seen as at odds with the leaders of the world’s nations is not something new, but continues in a long tradition involving the papacy across the millenia.

Unfortunately, the media attempts to play this papal role as being in conflict with world leaders like current US President Donald Trump – if only because the contemporary media loves to focus on the presence of conflict of any kind – when in fact Pope Francis is simply continuing to proclaim an understanding of the world and world events that is historically consistent.

The article is certainly worth a read…

The conscience of the global Church, visibly and physically embodied by the papacy and the Vatican, has learned something from that history of unholy ideological alliances between Catholicism and dictatorships. But it is a history that some local churches apparently have not learned, at least not to the same extent.

While the Vatican has become the epitome of ecclesiastical bureaucracy, mismanagement, and corruption, it has maintained a certain sense of global history and an understanding of the Catholic Church’s role in history that has kept it less entangled in local issues than local Churches and political leaders.

The Roman papacy as an antidote to the lures of neo-Constantinianism – La Croix International

The Roman papacy as an antidote to the lures of neo-Constantinianism . The Constantinian dilemma – that is, how far Christians can go in endorsing a politician that promises to defend their “non-negotiable” issues, while shamelessly embodying the antithesis of what Christians should be – is not just a Catholic problem.

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Article by Andrew Doohan

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