No, The Pope Didn’t…

A very interesting take from John L. Allen, Jr. on Crux on the recent ‘proposal’, ‘suggestion’, and ‘call’ for a change in the Lord’s Prayer from Pope Francis during an interview on Italian television. Needless to say, as is often the case with things of this nature, more was made of the event in the secular media than was possibly present, and Allen suggests those on the inside not overreact.

So, yes, there’s probably less than meets the eye here, and yes, some media outlets may have glossed over those nuances. On the other hand, just this once, we might try not to be the guy in the boat, and to give always-overtaxed reporters a break … probably, most of the time, the news, especially when it comes to something as complicated as the Catholic Church, is always going to be a “nuance-optional” business.

Can we give reporters a break on the pope and the Lord’s Prayer?

No, Pope Francis did not propose changing the Lord’s Prayer this week. He expressed a preference for the French translation of one line over the English, which is another kettle of fish. Still, can we give over-taxed reporters a break, and accept that sometimes, the nuance is on us?

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Article by Andrew Doohan

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