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A very sensitive and thoughtful article is to be found at La Croix International on the “Filial Correction” that some bishops, priests and lay members of the faithful have issued in response to the letter of Pope Francis entitled Amoris Laetitia.

While recognising the very real anguish felt by the signatories, the author of the article challenges the same signatories to exhibit a “a touch of modesty, a modicum of intelligence and a glimmer of charity.”

And the Church – and the world – needs more of all of those at the moment.

Dear Correctors: Where is your love, intelligence and charity? – La Croix International

Heresy is back. Not at the end of a dark alley or whispered at illicit meetings of nonconformists, but, we are told, at the very summit of the church, on the throne of St. Peter himself.

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Article by Andrew Doohan

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