Restoring the Seamless Garment

A wonderful and timely article from John Gehring at La Croix International on the move, particularly in the United States, on the move back towards a consistent pro-life ethic, often referred to as the ‘seamless garment’ approach, whereby being pro-life is much more than being simply anti-abortion.

While of particular application to the American setting, there are elements of the latter approach evident in other places around the world, including here in Australia, whereas it can be validly argued that the former approach, the ‘seamless garment’, would provide a more consistent witness from the Church and her members to the priority of life.

As Gehring notes:

As I’ve written before, Pope Francis and the bishops he’s appointed have swung the momentum back to a consistent life-ethic framework in ways that have implications for the church’s political witness.

A pope who describes economic inequality, climate change, the plight of migrants and the death penalty in strong prolife terms makes it harder for Republican politicians to get a free pass simply by opposing abortion while doing little else to build a culture of life.

Read the article below, and give some thought on how best to witness to the Gospel of Life that we, as Christians, are called to proclaim.

The ‘Seamless Garment’ makes a comeback – La Croix International

The annual March for Life in Washington, D.C. always bring thousands to the National Mall, as it did again this past Jan. 19th. While the event is not organized by a religious denomination and is officially secular, Catholics make up the backbone of the prolife movement.

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Article by Andrew Doohan

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