Review: The Templar

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The Templar by Paul Doherty My rating: 4 of 5 stars Another tour de force from Paul Doherty, though not set in Medieval England but during the First Crusade to recapture the Holy Lands from the Turks and Saracens. Following two siblings of the de Payen family, Hugh and Eleanor, the novel traces the journey […]

Remembering Shared Humanity on ANZAC Day

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A very powerful reflection on the nature and significance of ANZAC Day from Andrew Hamilton is featured in Eureka Street this morning and requires no further commentary from me… Remembering shared humanity on Anzac Day The tension between remembering those who died and celebrating those who fought makes the celebration of Anzac Day inherently controversial. It […]

Monday Musings: ANZAC Day

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For a whole range of reasons, most of which have to do with an increased busyness at the end of a week, the previously entitled Friday Filing has now morphed into Monday Musings and will appear late on a Monday rather than late on a Friday. By the time this post is published on The Doohan Discourse, I will […]

Homilies: Fourth Sunday of Easter, Year B

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My homily for the 4th Sunday of Easter(Year B) as preached during the 8am Mass at Mary Immaculate Church, Tighes Hill. The readings for today were Acts 4:8-12; 1 John 3:1-2; John 10:11-18. “Jesus is the Good Shepherd, who knows his flock individually, intimately, and completely. We are invited by the Good Shepherd to allow […]

The Dark Side of Banking

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At the risk of stating something unpopular in the contemporary climate, banks and other finanical institutions, like any other business, exist to make money for their owners, which in the case of most banks and other financial institutions means their shareholders. Despite some commentary to the contrary, no bank or financial institutions exists solely as […]

Not Defending The Indefensible

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I like the way Bernard Keane, politics editor for Crikey, writes. He has a style of writing that is immediately engaging and communicates his point with just the right amount of humour. His latest column, appearing today, is no exception, as he takes aim at the way some journalists working for a formerly reputable Australian business newspaper […]

General Audience Catechesis – 18 April

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Pope Francis continues his catechesis on the sacrament of baptism… Dear Brothers and Sisters, good morning! In this Easter Season we continue the catecheses on Baptism. The meaning of Baptism stands out clearly by its celebration; therefore we turn our attention to it. Considering the gestures and words of the liturgy, we can receive the […]

The Worldview of New Ecclesial Movements

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In recent weeks I’ve been reading Sorting Out Catholicism: A Brief History of the New Ecclesial Movements by Massimo Faggioli, the 2014 translation of his 2008 original Italian volume. It has been a fascinating read, and one particular part I read this afternoon is worthy of being shared in its entirety: In terms of worldviews, it […]