That Troublesome Tax Analysis

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This afternoon has seen a slightly revised version of Emma Alberici’s ‘controversial’ analysis on the supposed benefits of proposed corporate tax rates reappear on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s website. I say ‘controversial’ deliberately not because of the content – most economists seem to support the analysis put forward by Alberici – but because of the […]

An Ecclesiological Response Required

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As he usually does, Massimo Faggioli takes a slightly different approach to the way in which the Church is called to respond to the scourge of child sexual abuse within the Church, and the even greater scandal of the Church’s woefully deficient response to that scourge, as it continues into the future. The argument put […]

When Facts Are No Defence

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The recent debacle – and that’s the only word that accurately describes it – surrounding the way in which the Australian Broadcasting Corporation kowtowed to various other media players and political pressure by pulling an analysis by their chief economics correspondent, Emma Alberici, on the supposed benefits of the proposed corporate tax cuts. The analysis, […]

If Not Now, Then When?

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I have been appalled, but not surprised, by the way in which many politicians and public organisations in the United States have responded to the (most) recent school-based mass shooting event in that country. Many, including the President of the United States himself, have offered ‘thoughts and prayers’ to those directly impacted and the town […]

A Move to the Middle Please


An interesting article written by Jack Bentz SJ in America touching on how poorly we, as the Church, make visitors to our churches welcome despite blurbs in the bulletin, greeters at the door, etc etc. And all because we occupy the end of the pew seats… There’s something worthy of reflection here. I was raised Catholic. […]

How Many Must Die?

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Another day dawns in the United States of America, and there is yet another mass shooting event in a US school. Or at least that’s how it appears all to frequently to those outside the boundaries of the United States. How many students must be murdered at the hands of someone who has access to […]

General Audience Catechesis – 14 February

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Pope Francis continues his catechesis on matters liturgical at this week’s General Audience… Dear Brothers and Sisters, good morning! Good morning even if the day is a bit nasty. However, if the spirit is joyful it’s always a good day. So, good morning! Today the Audience will take place in two areas: a small group […]