General Audience Catechesis – 18 April

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Pope Francis continues his catechesis on the sacrament of baptism… Dear Brothers and Sisters, good morning! In this Easter Season we continue the catecheses on Baptism. The meaning of Baptism stands out clearly by its celebration; therefore we turn our attention to it. Considering the gestures and words of the liturgy, we can receive the […]

On Being Liturgical

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A powerful article from Timothy O’Malley of the University of Notre Dame’s Institute for Church Life writing on the significance of liturgical formation for living the Christian life. Drawing on the proclamation of Paul’s Letter to the Romans at the Easter Vigil, O’Malley goes on to highlight how much the Christian life is rooted in […]

General Audience Catechesis – 4 April

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Pope Francis concludes his catechesis on liturgical matters… Dear Brothers and Sisters, good morning and Happy Easter! You see that today there are flowers: flowers that speak of joy and gladness. In some places, Easter is also called “flowering Easter,” because the Risen Christ flowers: he is the new flower; our justification flowers, the holiness […]

A Source of Unity?


An interesting article from the PrayTell blog concerning the variety of liturgical expressions that appear to be popping up in the Western (Latin) rite of the Catholic Church – particularly around the celebration of Holy Week. Given the significance of liturgical expression for the visible communion of the Church, it certainly raises some interesting questions and […]

Praying on Good Friday


I have always found the texts of the Solemn Intercessions from Good Friday’s Celebration of the Passion of the Lord profoundly moving and, yes, prayerful. So much so that I thought you might like to share them with me… I. For Holy Church Let us pray, dearly beloved, for the holy Church of God, that […]

Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi


The quotation “lex orandi, lex credendi” is one exceptionally familiar to any student of the liturgy of the Church, and is often translated as “the law of prayer is the law of belief”. The quotation is attributed to Prosper of Aquitaine (390-455) and identifies the celebration of the Church’s liturgy, and the reflection on that celebration, […]

General Audience Catechesis – 21 March

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Pope Francis continues his catechesis on liturgical matters… Dear Brothers and Sisters, good morning! And today is the first day of spring: happy Spring! But, what happens in spring? Plants flower; trees flower. I’m going to ask you some questions. Does a tree or a plant flower well if it’s sick? No! Can a tree, […]

Praying Together


As the writer of the article below indicates, the oft observed form of ecumenical prayer between various churches tends towards a ‘lowest common denominator’ format that doesn’t reflect any form of liturgy from any of the various churches who are taking part but one which seems to be a negotiated “middle course” that people can […]

General Audience Catechesis – 14 March

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Pope Francis continues his catechesis on liturgical matters… Dear Brothers and Sisters, good morning! We continue with the Catechesis on the Holy Mass. In the Last Supper, after Jesus took the bread and the chalice of the wine, and rendered thanks to God, we know that He “broke the bread.” In the Eucharistic Liturgy of […]

General Audience Catechesis – 7 March

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Pope Francis continues with his catechesis on liturgical matters… Dear Brothers and Sisters, good morning! Continuing with the catechesis on the Holy Mass, the Liturgy of the Word — on which I reflected in the past catechesis –, is followed by the other constitutive part of the Mass, which is the Eucharistic Liturgy. In it, through […]