Why Doesn’t The Government Trust The ABC Like We Do?

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Why does the current federal government appear not to trust the independent public broadcaster, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation? Van Badham, writing for The Guardian, seems to suggest, very convincingly, that it is because the current federal government appears to frightened of public scrutiny. At the end of her article, Badham makes this rather telling assessment: …this […]

Keep The Public Broadcaster Public

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The Federal Council of the Liberal Party, which is holding its annual meeting this weekend, has backed a proposal to sell off the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Although a sale of the ABC is not (currently) the policy of parliamentary Liberal Party, any proposal to remove the ABC from public ownership, particularly by the current federal […]

Everybody Leave the ABC Alone!

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Catching up on some reading from the weekend, I came across this analysis piece from the (relatively new) political editor of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s (ABC) flagship current affairs program, 7.30, Laura Tingle. In the piece, Tingle makes it clear that both sides of the major political divide are prepared to use the ABC for their […]

Capriciousness Personified

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The behaviour of the current President of the United States at the recent G7 Summit in Canada can only be described as reckless and capricious. There continues to be a blurring of lines between official Administration policy and the perspective with which the President views either a) other leaders, b) the countries they represent, or […]

Preserving Justice for the Vulnerable

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Van Badham makes a convincing argument as to why the Family Court of Australia should not be merged into another court. The need for a specialist court, with specialist judges, to assist vulnerable people in the most vulnerable of times cannot and must not be overlooked in the search for “efficiency” or, worse, political support […]

The Demand of Religious Liberty

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Given that the inquiry into religious liberty in Australia headed by former Australian Attorney-General, Philip Ruddock, has now handed its report and recommendations to the current federal government, which has not yet released the contents into the public domain, a timely column from Massimo Faggioli appears in Commonweal magazine yesterday. Drawing on a document of the […]

It’s Not Persecution

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A very interesting contribution from Robyn J. Whitaker, Bromby Senior Lecturer in Biblical Studies, Trinity College, University of Divinity, to the ongoing debate on whether or not Christians in Australia are being persecuted for, you know, being Christian. I can’t subscribe to any position that suggests Christian are, largely because it assumes that Christians should […]