Happy Mother’s Day

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A musical treat today for Mother’s Day…a very Happy Mothers Day to my Mum, Tricia, and to my sisters, Jodie, Sally, Breanna and Cian, and to my sisters-in-law, Susannah and Kerry, who themselves are mothers to my nephews and nieces.

A New Feature for The Doohan Discourse


This evening I’ve added a new feature/option to The Doohan Discourse website: receiving posts by email. In addition to other options, it is now possible to subscribe to an email list that will see you receive each post from The Doohan Discourse by email. The subscription form for this new feature can be found on the right […]

Barber’s Agnus Dei


The words of the Agnus Dei from the Mass set to the music of Samuel Barber, specifically his Adagio for Strings, was a good find on YouTube for me tonight…so good that it had to be shared. The coming together of Barber’s marvellous musical score, the words of the liturgy, and the unaccompanied voices of this choir […]

Papal Prayer Intention for February 2018


The Prayer Intention of Pope Francis for February 2018 is: That those who have material, political or spiritual power may resist any lure of corruption. “Dirty bread of corruption” In his homily during Holy Mass in the Chapel of Santa Marta, Pope Francis commented on the parable of the dishonest steward taken from the Gospel […]

A Reminder of the Power of Music


From time to time I come across a recording of a song, hymn or other piece of music, that reminds me just how powerful good music can be. Good music – and that is a definition that is as much personal appreciation as ‘scientific’ assessment – has the ability, the power, to reach inside one’s […]

The Fruit of War is Death

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On the 2nd November, the Commemoration of the All the Faithful Departed (All Souls Day), Pope Francis visited and prayed at the Ardeatine Caves, the sight of the massacre of Italian political prisoners and civilians, including Jewish civilians, on 24th March 1944 perpetrated by German occupation forces as a means of reprisal for attacks on […]

Transforming The World


The Prayers of the Faithful represent a vision of the Christian in the world that should not be forgotten by the Mass-goer. We don’t leave behind our material and historical realities when we got to Mass. We don’t got to Mass to escape from the sorrows of the word, as if Church is a safe […]