Introducing Doohan Discourse Photos

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As some may know I enjoy the occasional opportunity to take my camera out and photograph things – usually landscapes or buildings. I host some of the photos I have taken online and recently moved my collection to a new service that provides a better range of possibilities, including the ability for people to purchase […]

Broadwater Beach


To occupy a weekend’s afternoon, I went for a drive armed with my camera in the general direction of a beach. I had originally thought Evans Head would be the destination, but instead I ended up at Broadwater Beach…

Casino’s River


I’ve photographed the Richmond River flowing through my home town of Casino before, yet it always draws me back to have a look. This particular visit was in the middle of the day, and the colour and sunlight didn’t disappoint.

One Tree Hill, Cornwall Park


On the drive from the airport on Sunday afternoon I noticed a hill that had what I thought was a column at the very top, clearly visible from just about everywhere that has a direct line of sight to the top of that hill. I subsequently discovered that this ‘column’ is, in fact, a memorial […]

Tracks to Nowhere


My home town of Casino used to be a junction for several railway lines, and was also a place where there was a large rails workshop. The workshop closed many years ago, and now only one line – the Sydney to Brisbane line – travels through Casino. The abandoned rail line is now a track […]